Give your dentures new stability and change your daily life. TeethXpress offers same-day implant placement so that you can leave our office with your beautiful smile securely in place after just one appointment.

Dr. Hinebaugh works tirelessly to stay current with recent developments in dental procedures and to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and technology. He has received advanced training with the TeethXpress procedure so that he may provide you with effective, efficient implant placement. He is a certified TeethXpress Provider and can help you discover your smile’s full potential in as little as one day.

How does TeethXpress implant placement work?

TeethXpress is an immediate-load implant procedure. For qualified patients, a full denture arch can be placed on between 4-6 implants with a single-day procedure. A variation on the All-on-4 procedure, TeethXpress allows for incredibly efficient implant placement to support your dentures.

If you currently wear dentures, you’ve likely experienced issues with them not functioning as well as you’d like. It may be difficult to chew your favorite foods, or your dentures may slip or click when you’re speaking, leading to self-consciousness.

You deserve teeth that look and feel just like your natural ones did. TeethXpress delivers a solution that not only firmly anchors your dentures to your jaw, but also provides other long-term benefits. Protect your jaw bone, maintain your youthful facial structure and appearance, and get back to life with a full, natural-feeling and -looking smile.

Before and after TeethXpress

*Individual experiences may vary. Results not guaranteed.

TeethXpress Patient Testimonials

  • After they put the teeth in, it knocked 20 years off the way I looked, it really did. I would say it’s well worth spending the money to have it done. -Marc C.
  • I wasn’t about to start wearing dentures at 39 years old. That scared me more than getting implants. The whole process was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. When I saw my new teeth for the first time, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy – I almost started crying. – Carly
  • I wasn’t getting enough nutrients, especially protein, because I couldn’t chew. Implants definitely have improved my nutrition! My teeth negatively affected so many aspects of my life. To be able to smile again is so great, I haven’t stopped! – Leigh
  • When considering another bridge versus implants, I considered the financial cost of both. Implants are less expensive over the course of a lifetime! – Kristie
  • I couldn’t bite into a pizza and pull. I had to cut everything up with a fork. After receiving dental implants, I can eat everything again. – Gwyn

Is TeethXpress right for me?

TeethXpress offers an alternative to conventional implant placement that is both fast and affordable. If you’ve considered dental implants in the past but haven’t felt comfortable with the traditional procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Dr. Hinebaugh will answer your questions in detail and provide a treatment plan that suits your specific needs.

*Individual experiences may vary. Results not guaranteed.

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