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Dr. Hinebaugh’s reputation as a trusted and experienced practitioner has allowed him to serve his immediate community for several decades now. In fact, many patients travel from the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Florida just to see him! He looks forward to welcoming you in, listening to your goals, and helping you achieve your ideal smile.

How is Your Dental Office Different?

Dr. Hinebaugh’s dental office is distinct from other dental offices in the Springfield community because of his commitment to utilizing innovative, cutting-edge technology. For instance, he regularly uses diagnostic CT scans and digital panoramic X-rays to locate the critical landmarks of the dental anatomy, to lessen surgical risks, and to ensure the most successful outcomes possible.

He also has a full-service, on-site denture laboratory, which produces the most natural-looking, well-fitting prosthetics possible. Same-day repairs are available for added convenience!


What is Your Dental Education & Background?

Dr. Hinebaugh graduated from West Virginia University with his Bachelor of Science. He then pursued his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Maryland. Beyond traditional schooling, he has great interest in the advancements made in dental implantology and bone grafting. In order to stay current, he has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education. He is also a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, which is the world’s largest implant organization.

In Your Spare Time, What Do You Do Outside the Dental Office?

When he isn’t busy caring for patients, Dr. Hinebaugh enjoys going on long hikes with his wife, Deb, and their rescue dog Molly. His other hobbies include traveling to historical sites and spending quality time outdoors. He particularly likes water-based activities like boating, water skiing, and jet skiing.

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