Dr. Hinebaugh provides a wide range of dental implant procedures so that his patients can have the experience that best suits their personal needs. If you’re interested in digitally-planned, same day implant placement, the CHROME GuidedSMILE system could be an ideal option. This revolutionary technology allows Dr. Hinebaugh to use CAD/CAM technology to create precise implants and deliver predictable results.

How does the CHROME GuidedSMILE procedure work?

  • Consultation – The first step is an initial appointment and discussion with Dr. Hinebaugh. He’ll tell you more about whether this procedure could be right for you, and will likely take diagnostic imaging including a CT scan. Our office utilizes a PreXion Cone Beam CT machine to take highly precise images and ensure the best possible treatment results.
  • Smile simulation – Dr. Hinebaugh will use our LumiSmile digital simulation tool to show you a realistic expectation of what your smile will look like after your procedure.
  • Treatment – Dr. Hinebaugh uses the CHROME GuidedSMILE system to place your implants and dentures.
  • Results – You’ll be able to enjoy implant-supported dentures and all their advantages – easier talking and eating, heightened confidence, and freedom from daily denture frustrations – for many years to come.

What makes this implant procedure unique?

Dr. Hinebaugh has trained for decades to find ideal solutions for his patients. To this end, he offers different and unique implant procedures that suit different patients’ preferences, oral health and lives. CHROME GuidedSMILE offers convenience and predictability not found with some other implant procedures. The process combines CAD/CAM (computer-guided) technology with each patient’s records and imaging to create highly precise implants and dentures. This allows Dr. Hinebaugh to place your new teeth quickly and predictably, and you to begin enjoying your new smile as soon as possible.

Are dental implants right for me?

Only a discussion and evaluation with a qualified implant provider can answer that question. Even if you’ve been missing teeth for some time, or have been told before that you’re not a good implant candidate, technology is continually evolving. Dr. Hinebaugh has helped hundreds of patients receive implants and move forward with beautiful, highly functional new smiles. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure or other implant options, simply schedule a complimentary consultation.

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