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We pride ourselves on being able to provide implants for a wide range of patients, even those without adequate bone density to support traditional implants. Mini dental implants offer a simpler procedure, briefer recovery period, and affordable alternative to standard implants.

Dr. Hinebaugh is an expert in a wide range of implant surgeries and would love to tell you more about what mini implants entail. Request a complimentary consultation to learn more about whether they’re right for you.

What makes mini dental implants different?

Mini dental implants are as effective as traditional dental implants, but are smaller in size. They have the same structure, consisting of a screw (less than 3mm in diameter) and a ball-shaped top. But their smaller size allows them to have these unique advantages over traditional implants.

A single fast procedure

Mini implants are placed through the gum surface, rather than under the gums. The procedure typically takes less than two hours and requires only local anesthetic. The mini implants then snap into anchor points in your dentures to hold them in place. This allows for secure, stable dentures without involved surgery, and without you needing to wait out a healing period between implant placement and attaching your dentures. The dentures can be snapped in and out quickly and easily.

No lengthy and uncomfortable recovery period

The mini implant procedure is much less invasive than the traditional implant procedure, so there aren’t 2-4 accompanying months of recovery time. Many patients who receive their mini implants in the morning can begin eating nearly normally that same night. This makes the procedure ideal for those who cannot or do not want to undergo more involved surgery.

Affordable cost

The 3M mini implant denture attachment system is more affordable than traditional, full-size implants. We also offer payment plans and special financing to assist in making the process fit within your budget.

Natural-feeling results

As with conventional implants, mini implants successfully stabilize your dentures so that you can live daily life with comfort and confidence. Your dentures will stay in place as you eat, talk and laugh and you won’t need to worry about slipping, clicking or poor denture function leading to insecurity.

Long-term denture stability

Your mini implants will last as long as conventional implants with the proper care and regular dental exams. You’ll be able to appreciate the added stability and security for years to come.


If you’ve been interested in dental implants but have held back due to cost, the surgical procedure, or lack of adequate bone tissue, mini implants could be an ideal solution. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about whether they’re a good fit for your needs. Gain the comfort and confidence of having natural-feeling teeth again.

*Individual experiences may vary. Results not guaranteed.

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