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Root Canal Therapy – Springfield, PA

Treat the Toothache, Save the Tooth

When the dental pulp becomes infected, it has to be removed; otherwise, you’re likely to end up losing your tooth altogether! Thanks to Dr. Hinebaugh’s experience and modern technology, American Dental Center can offer root canal therapy that protects patient comfort while also providing relief from severe dental pain. Call us immediately if you have a toothache that’s causing significant pain or has lasted for over 48 hours; there’s a good chance that you could benefit from a root canal threrapy in Springfield, PA.

Man in need of root canal holding cheek in dental chair

Why Choose American Dental Center for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Advanced Rotary Instruments for Efficient Care
  • Custom Crowns Available
  • Highly-Trained Dentist with Nearly 40 Years of Experience

Rotary Endodontics

Animated rotary root canal process

While traditional root canals rely on manual files to perform the procedure, Dr. Hinebaugh uses an electrically powered hand tool. This approach is known as “rotary endodontics.” Thanks to this device, he can accurately and thoroughly clean and shape the inside of your tooth. This approach is generally much faster and more comfortable than the traditional approach; also, most patients find that it leads to much less post-operative sensitivity. Plus, the flexibility of the device means there’s less risk of the tooth’s roots being damaged during treatment.