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Lumineers® (No-Prep Veneers) – Springfield, PA

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Dentists in Pennsylvania

Teeth that are misshapen, severely stained, and/or have been cracked can be drastically improved with the placement of porcelain veneers that can cover several cosmetic flaws at once. However, as one of the only certified Lumineers® dentists in the region, Dr. Hinebaugh can offer an alternative that will create the same dazzling results while letting you preserve more of your natural teeth. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about Lumineers in Springfield, PA and what they can do for your smile.

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Why Choose American Dental Center for Lumineers®

  • Less Invasive Than Traditional Veneers
  • Durable, Stain-Resistant Restorations
  • Lumineers Certified Dentist

Pain-Free, Custom-Made Smile Enhancement

Woman before and after Lumineer placement

Lumineers are only about 0.2 millimeters wide – far thinner than traditional veneers (which are 0.5mm). This means they can be placed onto a tooth with little to no enamel removal. As a result, the procedure is completely pain free, and you won’t have to worry about sensitivity afterward. At the end of the process, you’ll have a new smile that feels as great as it looks!

Dramatic Before & After Lumineers Cases

No matter how severely discolored or misshapen your teeth might be, or how many of them are showing chips and cracks, Lumineers can dramatically enhance their overall appearance. Take a look at a few examples of the countless successful Lumineers® cases Dr. Hinebaugh has completed over the years!

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Patient's smile compared with Lumineer shade chart

With Lumineers, there’s no need to remove otherwise healthy enamel from your mouth. They can bond with your teeth with minimal to no prep work, and they can be removed at some point in the future if you so choose. (Getting traditional veneers is normally considered irreversible because of the alterations to the teeth involved.) The procedure usually takes just two quick visits: one for Dr. Hinebaugh to take impressions of your teeth and get your input for customization, and the second for the completed Lumineers to be applied to your teeth.

An Affordable, Convenient Way to Regain Your Confidence

Woman showing off gorgeous smile after Lumineers

Compared to veneers, Lumineers can make the exact same enhancements to your smile, but with less discomfort or invasive treatment. Even better, the signature Lumineers process leads to a longer-lasting, superior result compared to traditional veneers. If you want a grin you can proudly wear during your next business meeting or social event, set up a consultation with Dr. Hinebaugh to see if Lumineers could be the answer you’re looking for.